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Rizwan Malik MD

Experience a state of the art infertility and diagnostic treatment facility right here in Terre Haute, IN. At Rizwan Malik’s clinic, he offers you a full-scope of obstetrical and gynecological care from adolescence thru post-menopausal life stages.

Dr. Malik has many years of experience in women’s healthcare and takes pride in answering all of your questions and concerns. Request his services today to begin receiving compassionate care when it comes to your health.

More than just a doctor’s office
From overcoming infertility to reducing miscarriages, Dr. Malik is there for you.

Specializing in high quality health care to women of all ages, his core mission is to create a life-long bond with you and improve your overall health and well-being.

Stop heavy bleeding today
If you are experiencing heavy or abnormal uterine bleeding, then make sure your care is in the right hands of an experience OB/GYN.

After listening to your concerns and assessing your needs, endometrial ablation surgery might be the best answer for you. Schedule an appointment today to understand to procedure and the benefits of the surgery.

Dr. Rizwan Malik MD is ready to see you:

Experience a personalized approach to women’s health
Dr. Malik is ready to offer you high quality individualized healthcare to all the women in your life. From your daughter to your grandmother, Dr. Malik offers your entire family compassionate obstetrical and gynecological care to take care you through all stages of life.

Visit Rizwan Malik MD at 1530 N 7th St. (Suite 101) in Terre Haute, IN or call 812-238-3800 for any emergency concern you may be dealing with and experience a complete range women’s healthcare today.


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